Thursday, May 13, 2010

Manashosting Complaints - Inappropriate services

This complaint is against the poor hosting services provided by Manashosting. The services, though cheap, are incomplete and non-standard.

I bought a Java hosting package for INR2000 from Manashosting in January, 2008. For the first 1.5 years the services were crawling but I could manage somehow. Although, I raised various issues wherever necessary, there was no improvement. Things were fine until they replaced my service with some other software called "Plesk".

The change was incorporated WITHOUT my consent or permission. I was never asked, but just informed that this has been done. Upon using Plesk I found out that it was NOT appropriate for Java Hosting. There were a lot of problems and Manashosting suggested me NON-STANDARD solutions.

Till date I am requesting them to change back to the earlier software. For this too, they want me to pay INR 500. Why should I pay for their mistakes? This is Fraud. They had not taken any technical advice either, while changing to Plesk.

I do not ask for my money back, just that a better service be provided that at least meets my requirements. The change in service they gave was unsolicited.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010



Manashosting is the worst 3rd class web hosting in the world. They says that they have 99% consumer satisfaction.
but it suppose to 99% dissatisfaction. customer is worst, not hearing on complaints, have raise a complaint on January 2010. they there is not action taken place. every time they says that HELM CONTROL PANEL have some problem. they are worst people dont trust on there sales team what they says is 100% wrong.

Worst company i have seen " WITH NO SUPPORT AT ALL "

Even after raising the ticket they will NOT RESPONED to your mail.

Don’t register your domain name or Web Space from MANASHOTING.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Manas Hosting Complaints - Pathetic service


I have taken a 100 MB LINUX package for 5 years from Manas hosting.before paying money they talked too sweet and talked tooooo high of their services.
After paying the money, they took multiple confirmations giving repeated calls,that how did i pay, etc. then they sent mail saying how to configure the domain.

when we log into the control panel there is nothing we can do about domain. it says i am not authorised for subscriptions. then i talked to technical department, raised ticket, no progress. then again i talked and then they finally ask me to call one hyderabad no. and explain them the issue.

this guy just said its billing issue and it will be sorted out by them, next day, billing person says its tech problem. absolutely no co ordination.

finally they agreed there is some problem and assured me that the problem will be rectifies soon. its now more than 72 hrs of complain and no progress. it appears its bunch of incompetent people sitting in manas. If there is some serious issue they should convey the same.
no one shares information about senior guys in the organisation. web site just talks about 1 no. that is customer support which is PATHETIC if any word more worse than that.. then probably its more appropriate.

this evening when i call billing they are not willing to talk. technical team says nothing. it will be rectified you just keep watching the ticket status, sales guys say its not their problem.
there is no redressal, this is one organisation where there is no senior guys in the organisation. i guess its being run by so called customer support executives.

I raised a complaint at the so called feedback page , which is supposed to be seen by so called seniors, its rather more pathetic, more than 36 hrs passed, no one has even bothered to respond. you shout, scream, weep or do what ever, no one in MANASHOSTING is ever interested in resolving the issue. Can there by any thing worse than this in service industry.

I wished i checked these postings before buying hosting services from manashosting.

This is one company which harrasses the very same customers who have given them business. "jis thali me khaya usime ched kar diya" i guess this proverb suits these guys.
Guys any one going for a fresh relationship with manas hosting i only have to say one thing." BE



Manashosting - The worst hosting company- close this fraud company

Hello all, I want Manashosting to be closed as it is fraud company and has looted many customers.

I have got registered the domain name and taken plesk 15 GB plan from manashosting.
It has been more than 30 days that these guys do not reply nor solve the issue. Even contacting them from our own side they disconnect chat and call.

While taking package from them Ms. Vani (sales team member) told me that my package will support ASP.NET 3.5 and I will be provided the plesk control panel and I will be able to create and manage MS SQL 2005 within control panel but after taking package they did not provide any thing what they promised. I was provided PEM (not plesk) control panel which supports only MS SQL 2000, later their tech team told me that you are provided PEM and for MS SQL 2005 support you have to take plesk control panel. They changed the hosting server without any prior notice and my site stopped working and now they ask extra money for that.
Now sales team says that it will cost another Rs. 1000/- if you want MS SQL 2005 support, which is fraud with me because they told me that I will be provided plesk panel with my package itself.

Although I paid them Rs. 200/- (monthly) for new panel and it has been done more than 4 days but there is no any response. Now today their billing department (Ms. Bhavani) says that it is Rs. 500/- not 200/- so pay more and disconnects chat.

Every department is irresponsible and is looting to customers. They do not stick to their words and mis leading customers.

Their Technical department is greatest department in the industry of hosting, which never responds on chat, never receive online chat directly , always have to get transfer from other department but even after transferring chat it replies just 2 lines in 30 mins. (1. What is your ticket id 2. Please Wait)

It is matter of money and time as well. I request the moderators not to only suggest other hosting company but also get closed the Manashosting as it is fraud and has looted many more customers and still is looting many others.

I have proof where Ms. Vani committed that plesk 15 GB plan will support ASP.NET 3.5, if you want that I can provide a copy of that.

Thank you , please do take action.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Manashosting Worst Hosting Company of the World-Stay Away from them.

Guys today was the last day with manashosting , i was using manashosting since 5 years , and cannot explain how much trouble i got from them. but slowly i started to remove everything from manashosting , and today finally i removed last account hosted with them.

Why You shouldnt host with them.

1) all the hosting company in the world has automated process for purchase,renewal after making payment , but manashosting doesnt have.

2)Pathetic management , poor technical fellows , everything is just ” Sadak Chaap”

3)No values for customer loss.

4)No sense of Urgency, total ” Sarkari Kam ” and they are proud to follow this and always speaks a ” Raaga” like For Security Reasons.

Say No to Manashosting, Give the money to beggers but dont give to them.

Full Review -

Manashosting Worst Hosting Company of the World-Stay Away from them.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Manashost web hosting service in India cheapest host without poor service

ey everyone,
I am looking for some good host with value for money.
i had bad experince with manas hosting services.

they do not provide tech support at all.

sales department is good features are good proce is excellent but

when you pay them then everything changes

no support

they take time to answer your querrys.

if anyone of you has good experince with them , then please post your website here first.

i bought windows plan with ms-sql2005

5 website package.

i am not able to do anyrhig since then.

Manas Hosting - Hosting Services

Manas hosting : attractive offers.. cheap prices.. very good high end promises.. but nothing kept.. bad service.. took a week to activate the account.. solutions for problems and queries takes minimum of 10 to 15 days.. nobody picks the customer support tech numbers during office hours.. technically they never understand what you explain.. servers are always down.. you will rarely connect to ftp.. website uptime is always poor..

believe me.. who ever is giving positive feedback about manashosting is working for them and are their own staff..

Manashosting dont know anything on earth wats happening in their server or to their customers.. im sure there are only couple of guys for the whole customer support

Never go for this Service Provider..

For more info: google "Manashosting review" you will understand yourself..

Full Review